"BMW Familie! 2009" and "Kyoto imported car Fair" exhibition in JAPAN

'09 Oct 25 (Sun) to "BMW Familie! 2009", 24 and 25 (Sat/Sun) The"Kyoto imported car Fair" exhibit at.

BMW Familie! 2009BMW Familie! 2009BMW Familie! 2009

Kyoto imported car FairKyoto imported car FairKyoto imported car Fair
Kyoto imported car Fair (Google world hosted by EUR in motor oil on display in the charge.
Place the PULSE PLAZA KYOTO, shortly after completion of the family, and the couple, like cars, such as visitors an extinct that two not both day was a big success.

[Only-mercedes] November edition (vol.123) publishing

On early August MOTOR EURO OIL magazine "only Mercedes" covering from.
'09 October day (Thursday) of magazines issued only "Mercedes November issue (VOL found in our "EURO MOTOR OIL" was introduced by.


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